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Customer Testimonials

"We'd been taking our dogs to a place in South City that  had good reviews, but sometimes Jake seemed a little pissed off after we picked him up from what I called Puppy Prison - the owner of the the place got mad when I said that once.  Okay...

I needed someone who could take care of the dogs in place.  Viola, I find the Dawg Father.  Mike is as good as it gets, fairly priced and responsive to your needs and most importantly, your dog.  He knows dogs and their behavior, gives great guidance on doggy issues and makes owning dog ownership in a city not such a burden.  Two gigantic thumbs up."

-Dwayne N.

"In our many years on the panhandle we always saw Mike working closely with neighbors dogs. He always seemed patient and caring, yet focused and consistent with his training regimen.

When we got a pup of our own, we quickly needed an extra hand when taking trips or during longer than usual days at work. Mike was always responsible and timely and did a great job of exercising and caring for our dog.

On holiday vacations, Mike would sometimes board our dog and was sure to send us regular updates to reassure us that all everything was fine and that everyone was healthy and happy.

There's not another canine companion that I could recommend, nor would I want to... Mike is truly the best."

-Michael B.

"Mike is hands-down, the best dog walker in the Bay Area. Before finding Mike, we went through some pretty shady characters, and some reasonable people that just didn't click with us or our two pit bulls. When we found Mike, we always came home to happy dogs, and after a while noticed they were actually becoming more well-behaved. We would see Mike in the neighborhood and our dogs would get really excited.

He seriously puts a lot of effort into his job, and doesn't only walk the dogs and run off to the next job. He takes his time to make sure the dogs are getting socialized and learning basic (and sometimes advanced) commands.

A few years ago, we moved down to the peninsula, and seriously considered trying to find a way to convince Mike to come down and walk our dogs. It was 30 minutes away and totally unreasonable, but he's just that good."

-Matt D.

"I have known Mike for quite a few years and he is one of the reasons I've gotten my dog Leila. He has been instrumental in training her - donates his time every  weekend to a training facility in Brisbane, he spends much time with her and is always available. I take her to the dog park myself because my schedule allows me to and see him there often. He is great with his dogs and they show much respect towards him. When I am in need of a dog walker Mike will be the person I call."

Debbie L.

"Beaumont has been seeing Mike for almost 4 years now 5 days a week. On the days I work from home,  I actually get to see just what a great effect his time with mike and all his other dog buddies has. He comes back as the happiest dog you can ever imagine. Mike is always super attentive of beaumont. Calling me if he spots anything I should be aware of (such as hot spots, a broken nail, etc) and sometimes keeping him out for longer periods of time ton nice days. The little things that really add up. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

-Alexis G.

"i have moved away from san francisco and i tell ya... i miss mike.  not only do i miss the guy, but he was the best dog service i have ever found.  nothing compares.

i had complete trust in mike, whether it was for an afternoon walk or if i was out of town for a long weekend.  he is responsible and dependable. he is extremely good with dogs and my muddy absolutely adored mike.  mike treated her like she was his, not like a client.

if you are looking for a pet service, you will be completely satisfied with mike."

-Jim W.

"Mike IS the Dawg Father!  PB loves to stay with him.  Everytime we pass Mike in the park my dog wants to immediately run to him and give him kisses.  When I go out of town Mike is my ONLY option.  I feel like my dog is safe and if I ever call or text he is quick to respond with any updates.  Mike also gives great suggestions on training and I am planning on working with him to curb my dogs food aggression.  If you are looking for a dog walker, trainer, boarder, Mike is your person.  He is responsible, professional, knowledgeable, caring and will make a great addition to you pet's life."

-Letty G.

"my entire family loves mike! even though my dog can be kinda yippy at times, he is always patient with her and seems to love her despite her barking!  he is very dependable and we trust him completely.  he rarely goes on vacation and when he does he arranges coverage and his fellow dog walkers are equally wonderful.  we love mike and you will too!"

-Stefani W.

"If you want your dog taken care of, to learn manners, have respect, and to get along well with others.....Mike is the man. My dog loves when he sees him and I know he is happy on his group runs......because when I get home....I have a sleepy relaxed pooch who definitely had a better day than me. I mean that is why we have these spoiled amazing live and make them happy......

Mike is patient and has regulars....and my dog knows them all. I have even made friends this way. My dog recognizes his pals and we parents get to talking and realize we have the same dog walker!  A dog mixer!!

Thank you Dawg Father!!!!! Corey the dog and Nikki the faithful owner :)"

-Nikki W.

"Our two dogs love Mike. I can tell by the way they come in the door after a walk, all energized and happy, only to go right to their beds 5 minutes later for their long afternoon snooze. One of the greatest benefits of Mike is that he has also done some training of our dogs and reinforces it on a daily basis.

Our pitbull, has a lot of anxiety and used to really act out around other dogs. It could be very unpleasant to walk him. Things really changed once Mike started working with him, from clipping his nails to getting more socialized. It used to be impossible to clip his nails, now he calmly lets me give him a full mani/pedi. He even let's me clean his teeth with dental tools and he just lays there calmly waiting for his treat at the end. How many people can attest to that!

In addition to his anxiety improvement around grooming, our pitbull has also improved significantly around other dogs. He now responds to positive reinforcement training and no longer lunges at most dogs. He will always be an on-leash dog but he is now a very well trained pit bull. He is still working on some of his anxiety issues but being a part of Mike's  dog pack has had a profound effect on him. It's nice to see him engaging with other dogs in a positive manner.

If you try Mike as a dog walker, let your dog's behavior tell you how great he is. You'll know instantly when they come home by the smiles on their faces, You dog owners know what I am talking about. And if you see him out at the park, you'll see the dogs gathering around him like he's Santa Claus."

-Laura L.
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