Professional Pet Services

At The Dawg Father, we offer a broad range of services tailored to meet your pet's specific needs. Listed below are our available services, if you need something that isn't on this list please inquire (we can most likely help you out)! For current pricing structure and more information, please contact us today!


Daily Group Dawg Walks


Give your dawg an exciting day at the dawg park while you are at work or busy with other things! Group walks are offered several times a day at various locations in San Francisco. Dawgs are paired by neighborhood and temperament to ensure a successful group dynamic.

Dawg Training


We offer several options for professional dog training, including Canine Good Citizen Certification, Scent Work, Agility Training, Puppy Basics and Advanced Work

Overnights at the Dawg House


Traveling and not able to bring your furry friend along? Leave home without a worry if your dawg is with The Dawg Father at The Dawg House! We offer overnight care from 1 to 100 nights, in our cozy San Francisco home. 

Bathing & Grooming


No time to give fido a bath and a nail trim, or brush his matted fur? No worries, The Dawg Father can help with all of your pet's grooming needs. If your pooch requires an advanced grooming cut, we can offer a ride to and from the hair salon too!

Pick Up/Drop Off


Need your dog's prescription picked up at the vet's office, or need to drop them off for a teeth cleaning appointment? We have pick up/drop off services available to help you when you need an extra set of wheels!

Senior Dog Care


We've been in the dawg business for 15 years, and with that comes a level of comfort with older dogs who may require extra love and attention. We're happy to make accommodations for your senior dog, whether that be help getting around, incontinence, dementia, diabetes, etc. Please let us know how we can make your pet's stay a great one.